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Your tracks should be vacuumed and wiped out every six (6) months with a mild non-abrasive cleaning solution. Due to air pollution and weather, your windows may eventually dull. Every three (3) years your window frames should be wiped down with a mild non-abrasive cleaning solution. This will turn your windows bright and beautiful again. Do not pressure wash your windows (i.e. with attachments on hoses). This may cause leaks and will void your guarantee.

Your siding should be washed down every three (3) years. Your local building supply or hardware store should have a variety of cleaning products--some attach to a garden hose. If your siding should mold, use a brush and a mild non-abrasive cleaning solution (i.e. dish soap). Do not pressure wash the siding. If by chance a piece of siding should chip or crack, do not attempt to replace it yourself. Please contact our service department for assistance (service department)

West Coast Vinyl encourages homeowners to paint their caulking to prolong its life and help prevent cracking, chipping and natural discoloration. You should perform caulking upkeep around your windows once per year.

DEFINITELY. Condensation is more prone to occur in climates where the average January temperature is 35 Degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Therefore, there will be greater extremes between indoor and outdoor temperatures affecting the glass surfaces in your home.

All areas of your home will pick up humidity during the summer and fall months. When the windows are closed and the heat is turned on the moisture will pass into the air of the house. Condensation will most likely be noticed for the next few weeks.

Today's energy efficient homes are built more airtight than ever and tend to hold in more moisture-laden air. If your home contains excessive moisture and it's cold outside the first place you'll see it is on your windows. You may think this means that you have a problem with your windows, but it doesn't. In fact, the vast majority of windows condensation problems are not the result of faulty windows. The window condensation is an indication to lower the amount of moisture in the air.

Occasional beads of moisture on the glass of your windows are usually not a problem. For example, after a hot shower it is likely that your bathroom mirror and the windows will steam up. Or your kitchen windows may fog up when you're boiling food on the stove. However, If your windows are sweating at other times - or they stay that way for any length of time- you probably are going to have a problem. Although the glass itself may not be affected, dripping condensation and excess moisture can not only damage your windows but potentially your entire home. Wood frames and sash can warp and become difficult to operate. Paint/wallpaper can peel. Insulation can become damp, damaging ceilings and walls. Exterior siding and finishes can become blistered and warped. Interior siding and finishes could become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. That is why it's important to take steps to control and eliminate excess moisture. 

Vinyl is a flexible material that can bend under pressure. Because of this, sometimes taller windows will bow slightly in the middle causing the locks not to catch. This problem is easily cured. Simply apply pressure to the center of the window frame as you slide the window closed. This should align the interlocks so that the windows will shut and lock properly.

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